NU Graduate Lecture and Discussion Series: Part II: History According to Trump and the History of Trump

March 10, 2017
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM (CDT)
Special Events
John Evans Alumni Center (1800 Sheridan Rd. – Evanston)

6 p.m. - Check-in, refreshments, and mingling
7 p.m. - Program begins

In this lecture, Geraldo Cadava will place Donald Trump in the context of United States and world history, including both Trump’s understanding of American history, and how historians have compared him to prior leaders. Trump has talked about the darkness of the recent past, a yearning to return the country to better times, to “make America great again.” He has been called a fascist, a demagogue, a narcissistic tycoon, and many other names. What’s old and what’s new about these themes and labels, and how has their use and application changed across the twentieth century? These are the questions Cadava will answer, in part based on his experience teaching a winter quarter seminar on “The History of the 2016 Election.”

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