Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Capturing Chicagoland through Photography9:00am514
American Road Trip III10:00am408
Perspectives on Our Constitutional Government10:00am417
China: Restless Empire10:00am504
Espionage: Books & Movies10:00am506
Thinking 10:00am507
The Conquering Tide: War in the Pacific Islands10:00am511
Inside Turmoil in the Middle East10:00am512
Cyber Threats & the Surveillance State 10:00 am517
Curtain Up!1:30pm504
Classic Crime Cinema: The "Femme Fatales" of Film Noir1:30pm506
The Righteous Mind1:30 pm507
Traveling Through French History1:30pm511
The Silk Roads: A New History of the World1:30pm517
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Events
Study Group Planning Meeting - Contemporary Issues12:10pm504
Study Group Planning Meeting - History12:10pm507
Study Group Planning Meeting - Science12:10pm511
Study Group Planning Meeting - Creative Arts & Civic Engagement12:10pm512
Now Hear This! Workshop with Dr. Pamela Souza12:15pm517
Professional Development Programs
Additional Classes
PPTYTORT 650 1 MMP2:35pm408
MDM Block 1,2,33:00pm709, 710, 713, 714
Lawstudy 541 8 MMP4:00pm413
Buscom 684 14:00pm504