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As a graduate of Northwestern University School of Professional Studies, you are part of a growing community of peers in a diverse set of professional fields and academic disciplines. Alumni join our nationwide, and increasingly global, alumni network. In this network, you’ll make connections with fellow alums and gain access to program-specific resources which include annually updated labor statistics and marketplace trends, as well as career-focused webinars and special events. We encourage you to get involved in order to develop and maintain relationships with alumni who possess similar interests and access the benefits this network can offer you. Contact us so that we can address your particular interests and stay in touch.

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SPS Launches Certificates of Advanced Graduate Study

Northwestern University School of Professional Studies (SPS) has launched a unique post-graduate educational program, Certificates of Advanced Graduate Study. These certificates are designed to give professionals with one or more advanced degrees the opportunity to gain new skills, build expertise in new areas, stay current with technology and industry advances, and earn a new credential by completing a targeted four-course sequence. Read more.

We’re Grateful for Our Alumni

For many of our deserving undergraduate students, the State of Illinois’ Monetary Award Program (MAP) provides essential financial aid. But with gridlock in Springfield and no state budget, no grants are being awarded this term—threatening many students’ ability to earn their degree. Thanks to our generous alumni and the resources of the Annual Fund, SPS is offsetting the MAP grants and providing nearly $100,000 to 26 SPS students.

“Mere words cannot express my deepest gratitude for the assistance. I am so close to completion and couldn’t do so without this support” –SPS MAP gap recipient

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