• Academic Integrity
    All members of the Northwestern community are required to follow rules of conduct established by the University.

    Academic integrity involves committing to academic honesty and ethical conduct and is best achieved when students and faculty work together to explore the nuances of ethical conduct in their course work. We strongly encourage students to visit the University's Writing Place, which is a great resource for information about avoiding issues which could lead to plagiarism and other violations of academic honesty.
  • GPA Requirements
    Degree students are required to maintain a minimum GPA to remain in good academic standing. Details about the policies for graduate and undergraduate students are available in the graduate and undergraduate student handbooks. As you progress through your program, if you have concerns about your GPA do not wait - contact your academic and career adviser for help.
  • Policies, Guidance and Support
    Northwestern has established a code of conduct for the entire University community. Northwestern takes these policies seriously - please familiarize yourself with University policy on student conduct, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and retaliation at the links below. The offices of student conduct and sexual harassment prevention are important resources should you have any questions or concerns about your behavior or the behavior of others.
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