• Methods of Payment
    • Online
    • By Mail
    • In-person
  • Tuition Deposit
    Newly admitted undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students are required to make a 60% tuition deposit through CAESAR for their first quarter’s classes (for NU employees using the tuition benefit, the deposit is 10%). Tuition rates can be found here. After the deposit has been made, students will receive a confirmation email, which must then be forwarded to to be cleared to register.
  • Third Party Payments
    • Payment from sponsor
    • Employer reimbursement plan
    • NU employee benefit
  • Consequences for non-payment
    • Registration hold
    • Hold on transcripts and diplomas
    • Forward account to a collector, who reports to the Credit Bureau
  • Student Accounts Contact Information
    Student Accounts Department
    Abbott Hall
    710 North Lake Shore Drive
    Chicago, Illinois 60611

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