Program Overview:


Pursue a course of study focusing on the analysis of historical developments, events, and interpretations. Students will deepen their understanding of current scholarship on the past, as well as of the fundamental problems of historical evidence and explanation.

Additional Information

This post-graduate certificate in history may be especially beneficial to educators, students who are thinking of going on to a PhD program, or anyone who wants to combine interdisciplinary methods with specific subjects. The coursework will:

  • Expose students to Northwestern University’s distinguished and world class instructors.
  • Provide students with countless opportunities to engage with others who are passionate to learn more about vitally important social and cultural issues through history, religion, philosophy, art, literature and film.
  • Prepare students for the intellectual demands of professional life by enriching students’ understanding of a broad array of social and cultural issues while improving their ability to analyze, write and complete research.
  • Sharpen analytical and writing abilities, which can help prepare students for application to PhD programs.

Applicants must possess a graduate degree in order to be considered for this program.

Course Options

To complete this certificate, students may take any four courses available in the topic area (which may include courses available through The Graduate School). To satisfy the four units of credit required for the certificate, students also have the option to register for the following:

  • An independent study, which is a customized course of study undertaken by a single student under the guidance of an instructor. Denoted by the course number, 499, independent studies are comparable in their demands to other graduate-level courses.
  • A capstone project, which is an essay of 45 to 75 double-spaced pages written under the supervision of an approved faculty member. The project presents an opportunity to research and explore a topic thoroughly. Students often elect to expand a seminar paper from a previous course. Students who wish to pursue a capstone project must do so as their fourth and final course in the certificate program.

Students who did not previously study the humanities at the graduate level are strongly encouraged to take IPLS 410: Introduction to Cultural Analysis. This course introduces students to interdisciplinary cultural analysis through an intellectual history of critical theorists and thinkers. Through close reading, seminar discussion and presentations, students develop their critical analysis skills.

Please note that courses completed in the certificate program cannot be transferred to the corresponding graduate degree.


  • IPLS 401-0 Tolerance: A Global History
  • IPLS 401-0 From Hamilton to “Hamilton”
  • IPLS 420-0 Introduction to Digital Studies
  • IPLS 401-0 Cinema, History, Const. of Rel
  • IPLS 401-0 Religion, Existentialism, and Film
  • IPLS 401-0 Imagining the Internet: Fiction, Film and Theory
  • IPLS 402-0 Seminar II:Chicago Communities
  • IPLS 402-0 Asian Religions in Lit & Film
  • IPLS 492-0 Paradigms and the Cold-War
  • IPLS 492-0 Queer Theory
  • IPLS 492-0 France at a Time of Crisis, 1930-1950
  • LIT 492-0 Race, Space & Place in Chicago
  • LIT 492-0 Chicago Transformed
  • LIT 492-0 The US-Mexico Border in Literature and Film