Information Systems


Faisal Akkawi

Faisal Akkawi is the faculty director of the Master of Science in Information Systems Program. His area of specialization is software architecture for concurrent systems, and his research interests also include reactive/adaptive intelligent systems and design issues of concurrent programming languages. Selected for the NASA Faculty Fellowship Program in 2003, Akkawi designed and implemented a framework that was used in the advanced diagnostic and caution and warning system for the International Space Station. He has an MS in electrical engineering and a PhD in computer science from Illinois Institute of Technology.

Currently teaching:Telecommunications and Computer Networks

Terrance Cottrell


Currently teaching:Advanced Cyber Security

James Kerwin

James Kerwin is an experienced senior IT and R&D executive having worked in the pharmaceutical business. His IT experience includes systems responsibility for several areas including finance, pricing, contract management, sales, e-marketing, marketing management, learning management, project management, medical services and IT service management. Additionally, his experience includes leadership of pharmaceutical IT strategy and planning for over a decade and the oversight of several IT merger and acquisition events. Significant accomplishments include initiating systems standardization and globalization, initiating portfolio management practices, establishing a pharmacy solutions platform, outsourcing various IT services, standardized asset management, instituting client management functions, and developing several future key leaders both in IT and the business. As an R&D executive Kerwin led programs in the neuroscience and urological diseases areas and has several publications and patents. Kerwin earned a BS in chemistry from the University of Notre Dame, and a PhD in organic chemistry from the Yale University.

Currently teaching:Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Charles Pak

Charles Pak has taught information systems courses for over 25 years as an IS practitioner and professor. Professionally, he has managed U.S. Federal Government data centers, and has designed, tested, implemented, and maintained many of these enterprise network sites that encompass distributed sites across the U.S. and internationally. He has managed state-of-the art systems for military and federal government missions for which he was deployed. His research topics include cyber security, critical infrastructure protection (CIP), PKI, cyber counter terrorism, and risk assessment and management. His recent publications include;Near Real-time Risk Assessment Using Hidden Markov Models. Nova Southeastern University, ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, Risk Forecast Using Hidden Markov Models. Research in Information Technology (RIT), ACM, SIGITE, 7(2), 4-15, Asset Priority Risk Assessment Using Hidden Markov Models. Proceedings of the 10th ACM SIGITE, Fairfax, Virginia, 2009, 65-73, The near real time statistical asset priority driven (nrtsapd) risk assessment. Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGITE, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2008, 105-112. Pak holds several industry certifications: CISM, CRISC, CISSP, ITIL, SSCP, MCSE, MCT, and CCNA.  He earned his PhD in information security from Nova Southeastern University, a MS in network security from Capitol College, and a BS in electrical engineering from Penn State University. 

Currently teaching:Management of Information Security

John Sands

John Sands is a coprincipal investigator for Center for System Security and Information Assurance, one of the country’s first comprehensive centers for advanced technology education in cyber security. He also directs training at the Cisco Area Training Center of Illinois. He has extensive experience in wireless networking and network infrastructure and security. He has authored several textbooks, white papers and lab manuals and has been invited to speak at several national conferences. A certified information systems security professional, Sands has been a professor of information technology for more than 23 years. He has a PhD from Colorado State University and an MA in human performance and evaluation.

Currently teaching:Fundamentals of Network Security

Kevin Vaccaro