Program Overview:

Learning Design Certificate Program

Effective educators design new information in ways that people can engage with, understand, and use. The Learning Design certificate will help prepare educators, corporate training professionals, online learning designers, librarians, and museum professionals create meaningful and pedagogically sound digital learning experiences. Applicants must possess a graduate degree in order to be considered for this program.

Required Courses

To earn a certificate, students must complete MS_IDS 422-DL Intro to Learning Theory, MS_IDS 423-DL Instructional Design, MS_IDS 425-DL Learning Environment Design and one additional MS_IDS course from the list below. In some cases, students who have completed equivalent coursework previously may be allowed to replace the required course with another course in the field.

Please note that courses completed in the certificate program cannot be transferred to the corresponding graduate degree.

This certificate program can only be completed online.


  • MS_IDS 401-DL User-Centered Design
  • MS_IDS 403-DL Effective Communication
  • MS_IDS 405-DL User Research
  • MS_IDS 407-DL Info and Content Strategy
  • MS_IDS 409-DL Data Management Principles
  • MS_IDS 411-DL Info Design and Architecture
  • MS_IDS 413-DL Visual Communication
  • MS_IDS 422-DL Intro to Learning Theory
  • MS_IDS 423-DL Instructional Design
  • MS_IDS 425-DL Learning Environment Design