Program Overview:

Advanced Public Administration Certificate Program

Prepare to serve as a manager on the local, state, and federal levels, and in the nongovernmental organization and nonprofit sectors. Students gain an improved ability to deal with the complex challenges and concerns that face public administrators and are prepared to lead an increasingly diverse public workforce toward innovative solutions. 

Applicants must possess a graduate degree in order to be considered for this program.

Required Courses

To earn a certificate, students must complete the following four courses. In some cases, students who have completed equivalent coursework previously may be allowed to replace the required course with another course in the field.

Please note that courses completed in the certificate program cannot be transferred to the corresponding graduate degree.

This certificate program can be completed on campus or online.


  • MPPA 403-0 OR 403-DL Fundamentals of Public Admininstration
  • MPPA 403-DL Fundamentals of Public Administration
  • MPPA 411-0 OR 411-DL The Legislative Process
  • MPPA 411-DL The Legislative Process
  • MPPA 413-0 OR 413-DL The Nonprofit/NGO Sector
  • MPPA 413-DL Foundations of the Nonprofit/NGO Sector
  • MPPA 417-0 OR 417-DL Public Human Resources
  • MPPA 417-DL Public Human Resources