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Carrie Dugan

Carrie Dugan has held a variety of positions instructing and writing curriculum for all undergraduate levels of online mathematics courses. In addition to her teaching experience, she has numerous years of actuarial experience working with both defined benefit pension plans and self-funded health care plans. Some of her current research interests include character theory, graph theory, and game theory. She holds a PhD in pure mathematics from Kent State University and a BS in mathematics with a minor in computer science from Marshall University.

Currently teaching:Introduction to Statistical Analysis
Math for Modelers

Phillip Goldfeder

Philip Goldfeder has worked as a business consultant with Booz & Company (formerly Booz Allen and Hamilton) and as an educator for both traditional and online universities. He is currently a faculty member at several online universities. His consulting specialization is mergers and acquisitions, primarily in the spirits and automobile industries. He earned a PhD in applied mathematics from Northwestern’s Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Currently teaching:Math for Modelers

Don Graham

Don Graham has worked for nearly 20 years in engineering and management for Lockheed Martin, AVIS, nad the NYC Board of Education. Graham has taught in higher education on topics ranging from college math, logistics systems, and supply chain optimization. Graham earned his PhD in Transportation Systems Optimization from the University of Central Florida.

Currently teaching:Math for Modelers

Lorena Martin

Lorena Martin is an applied behavioral scientist, quantitative methodologist, and exercise physiologist at the University of California San Diego. She specializes in the use of statistical methods in the fields of health behavior, epidemiology, and sports. Martin has a strong background in sports and athletics. Martin is an active researcher, consultant, and educator in the areas of health and exercise physiology, where she makes extensive use of traditional explanatory and predictive models. As a former bodybuilder and tennis player that competed at the college, amateur, and professional level, Martin is especially interested in sports analytics. She is an experienced teacher of statistics and an avid user of the R software environment. She holds a doctorate in exercise physiology from the University of Miami and served as program coordinator of the bachelor’s degree program in Sports Medicine at Keiser University.

Currently teaching:Sports Performance Analytics

Matthew McCallum

Matthew McCallum works as a statistical analyst and predictive modeler for Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. McCallum has worked in predictive analytics as a consultant for algorithmic options traders and financial advisers. He also has more than 10 years’ experience teaching various levels of mathematics at Chicago-area universities, both online and in person. McCallum earned his PhD in applied mathematics from Northwestern.

Currently teaching:Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Thomas Robinson


Currently teaching:Sports Management Analytics

Roy Sanford

Roy Sanford specializes in probability theory, statistical methods, and quality management. He has worked as a consultant, educator, and executive within service, manufacturing, governmental, technical, educational, and research organizations. He is committed to continuous improvement and organizational excellence. Sanford was vice president of quality management at Baxter Healthcare Corporation. He served as a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner for four years. He was inducted into the University of Minnesota Duluth Academy of Science and Engineering in 2009. He has given numerous presentations at professional and industrial forums and has published in the American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, Communications in Statistics, Simulation, and Computation and the National Productivity Review. He holds a PhD in biometrics and an MS in statistics from the University of Minnesota, as well as an MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management.

Currently teaching:Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Irene Tsapara

Irene Tsapara has worked in the financial industry for 5 years as a financial engineer, building financial algorithms for trading systems at Goldman Sachs/Hull Trading and Hedge Fund Research company. She has taught for over 20 years in universities across the US and Europe and speaks English and Greek fluently and she has a good knowledge of French and Spanish. Tsapara earned her PhD in mathematical computer science from University of Illinois with a focus in computational learning theory and universal algebra. She holds a masters in computer science from University of Illinois and a bachelors in mathematics from University of Patras.

Currently teaching:Introduction to Statistical Analysis