Program Overview:

Master of Science in Information Systems

The part-time Masters of Information Systems program trains students in information systems methodologies, with an emphasis on design, implementation and evaluation of software applications and theoretical models. MSIS courses are taught by leaders in the field, and each includes project based study from real-world cases. Our Information Systems Masters degree provides access to professionals anticipating the next tech trends. Students may choose to take some or all classes online, and can choose from MS in Information Systems specializations which complement their professional experience and interests. The diverse cohort of peers drawn to technology management enhances class conversations, and opens networking opportunities beyond the classroom. Fully accredited, SPS online courses marry the best aspects of online technology with the interactivity of the classroom in a format designed to work with students' busy schedules.

As part of a partnership between IBM and the MSIS program, students can access a wide range of IBM resources to aid academic and professional advancement. Find out more.

Information Systems Faculty Perspective

Faisal Akkawi, PhD
Faculty director of MS in Information Systems program, researches reactive/adaptive intelligent systems and was selected for NASA Faculty Fellowship Program for advanced diagnostic and advanced caution/warning system for International Space Station.

Program Goals

  • Ability to develop and manage software projects
  • Build effective leadership techniques and communication skills necessary to implement change management and innovation
  • Network within a population of peers and leading information systems professionals from prominent public and private organizations

Areas of Specialization

Curriculum Overview

The Master of Science in Information Systems degree requires 11 units of credit—three core courses, one leadership course, six elective courses based on an area of specialization and one capstone (498) or thesis (590) project. Current students should refer to curriculum requirements in place at time of entry into the program.

Core Courses:

  • CIS 413-0 OR 413-DL Telecommunication Networks
  • CIS 414-0 OR 414-DL Object-Oriented Programming
  • CIS 417-0 OR 417-DL Database Systems Design & Impl
  • CIS 498-0 OR 498-DL CIS Capstone Project
  • CIS 590-0 Thesis Research
  • LEADERS 481-0 Leadership
  • LEADERS 481-DL Leadership

Elective Courses:

  • CIS 315-0 Advanced Programming
  • CIS 419-0 OR 419-DL Web Application Development
  • CIS 431-DL Database Administration
  • CIS 435-DL Data Science/Machine Learning
  • CIS 436-DL Big Data Management/Analytics
  • CIS 450-0 Strategic Information Systems
  • CIS 452-0 OR 452-DL Network Security Fundamentals
  • CIS 453-0 Advanced Cyber Security
  • CIS 455-DL Disaster Recovery & Continuity
  • CIS 457-DL Information Security Mgmt
  • CIS 460-0 OR 460-DL IT Management
  • CIS 465-0 OR 465-DL IT Strategy
  • CIS 468-0 Business Analysis
  • CIS 483-0 Software Testing
  • CIS 485-0 Systems Architecture
  • CIS 494-0 OR 494-DL Project Management Concepts
  • CIS 495-DL IT Project Management