Medical Informatics

Program Tracks and Curriculum Overview

The Master's in Medical Informatics requires the successful completion of 11 courses. The curriculum applies to the MMI online and MD/MMI degrees. (Students may be required to complete up to 13 courses in order to gain the necessary background in the field). Students must complete one-to-four track courses (assigned upon admission based on professional background, educational experience, etc.), plus seven core courses, a leadership course and a capstone (498) or thesis (590) project. Students begin their studies in the track courses, and then proceed to the core curriculum. Current students should refer to curriculum requirements in place at time of entry into the program. 

Clinician Track Courses

The clinician track is for students with clinical backgrounds and consists of two courses covering basic concepts in computer databases and networking.

Technologist Track

The technologist track is for students with a technical background and consists of two courses covering the American health care system and the clinical landscape.

About the Final Project

The final project combines research with hands-on experience and provides an opportunity for students to take advantage of the resources of Northwestern University and the Feinberg School of Medicine. Students may pursue their capstone experience independently or as part of a team. As their final course, students take either the individual research project in an independent study format or the classroom final project class in which students integrate the knowledge they have gained in the core curriculum in a project presented by the instructor. In both cases students are guided by faculty in exploring the body of knowledge on medical informatics while contributing research of practical value to the field. The capstone independent project and capstone class project count as one unit of credit.

  • MED_INF 498 Capstone Project or
  • MED_INF 590 Thesis Research