Student Profile

  • Mike Morotti

    Mike Morotti entered Northwestern’s MS in Health Informatics program with the idea in mind of having a larger impact on clinical outcomes utilizing cutting edge computer software technology. He entered the program at a time when his company was trying to create a revolutionary application that enabled clinicians to access data, bi-directionally from anywhere, virtually anytime. “It increases patient safety considerably,” Morotti said. “The healthcare technology experts said it couldn’t be done and we proved them wrong.” 

    Morotti’s overall aim was anything but small: “To speak credibly before the world’s thought leaders, and perhaps become one of the world’s thought leaders.” 

    At the time, Morotti was vice president of sales and marketing for Validus Medical Systems. His innovative approach with the mobile computerized physician order entry (mCPOE) application caught the attention of Medsphere Systems Corporation, a unique, open-source software electronic health records company. The company hired him as its vice president of sales and medical informaticist about a year after he earned his degree from Northwestern in June 2011. 

    Participating in Northwestern’s medical informatics program was a “win-win,” Morotti said. He applied to the program because he wanted to “increase his impact on the health care industry as a whole.” 

    In addition to spending more than 19 years working in healthcare information technology, Morotti has spent almost 13 years as a U.S. military officer, specializing as an aviator. 

    “Pilots and doctors are very similar — data-driven, very focused, intense and meticulous,” he said. 

    “This program is the one thing that allowed me to stay focused, given the pressures of work, family and tons of travel. I was in a different hotel every week, and didn’t take two classes in any one city. If I can do this, anybody can do it, if they want it badly enough.”