Regulatory Compliance

Career Options

Jobs in the field of clinical research and its regulation have grown sharply in recent years, and employment prospects are expected to increase in the future. Growth prospects are expected to continue to rise, mirroring the increase in research on and regulation of drugs and medical devices. A Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report* showed that salaries tend to correlate strongly with levels of education.

MSRC Potential

MCRC graduates work in the entire spectrum of research — from clinical trials to management and compliance. They also work across the employer spectrum — from research clinics and academic medical centers to clinical research organizations, other research service providers to pharmaceutical companies. Their education skills often qualify them for careers in overlapping research and regulatory fields. 

Average Salaries

  • Clinical Research Coordinator, $40,000+
  • Clinical Research Associates, $58,000
  • Medical Scientists, $72,000
  • Pharmaceutical Project Manager, $75,000+
  • Senior Clinical Researcher, $80,000+

Additional Information

For medical scientists, job opportunities are expected to grow by some 40 percent by the decade ending in 2018, according to the BLS. The field has been growing since the 1980s, a reflection of the expanding biotechnology industry. The BLS reported that the continued study of AIDS, cancer and flu will promote the search for effective medicines. The CRRA program prepares students to facilitate the development of drugs and medical devices that improve human health.

* Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Guide to Industries, 2010-11 edition