Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Northwestern University

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OLLI's Exciting Future
With a growing membership and a robust academic program, this is an exciting time for OLLI at Northwestern! The program and its membership are focused on two key priorities: to improve the academic experience, and to enhance the sense of community among members.

To make these priorities a reality and ensure OLLI's vibrancy for years to come, this newsletter marks the official launch of a member fundraising initiative. This is an opportunity to give back, support key investments in OLLI's future, and demonstrate the value of OLLI in your life. OLLI is supported through membership fees, investment income, and direct and in-kind support from Northwestern University for meeting space, staff and technology. These resources are adequate for the current level of activity but limit us making the program more robust.

With member donations, we can enhance and accelerate growth in years to come.

The Impact of Your Support
Specifically, your contributions will strengthen Northwestern OLLI's unique peer-led learning model through:

  • Increased academic enrichment opportunities, member scholarships, and study group/coordinator resources
  • Upgraded infrastructure to better serve members, including as online registration, enhanced technology and classroom facilities, and membership support
  • Improved accessibility, beginning with acoustic improvements, hearing assistance devices, and sound transmission systems

How to Donate to OLLI

Join Us Now!  By participating — at any level — you are demonstrating your commitment to and appreciation for OLLI, both for today and tomorrow. Your gift will support the academic  experience and build community, and help strengthen the OLLI program in the future.

All gifts are tax-deductible and can be given in honor or in memory of a loved one or OLLI member. Contributions are processed through the Northwestern Development Office and are restricted for OLLI's exclusive use.

For questions, contact Kirsty Montgomery, Director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
847-492-8068 or 312-503-5404


OLLI Development Committee 2016-2017

For questions, feel free to reach out to members of the Development Committee:

OLLI Members: Angela D'Aversa, Joe Lane, Rae Jedel, Lloyd Morgan, Arlene Shafton, Susan Gaud, Judy Widen, Stuart Applebaum, Carole Bass, Joe Hinkel, Evelyn Shaevel (chair)

OLLI Staff: Lisa D'Angelo, Kirsty Montgomery, Maurita Gholston

Northwestern Admin: Elizabeth Lach, Director of SPS Development

Questions and Answers about Supporting OLLI

1. How can I give?

2. What will my gift support?

Your gift supports enhancement of the academic experience, the building of community, and the sustainability of OLLI programming into the future.

3. Does my gift go to Northwestern or OLLI?

Gifts support OLLI programs. All contributions are processed through Northwestern and deposited in a restricted fund for OLLI's exclusive use.

4. Why does my participation matter?

By participating - at any level - you are demonstrating your commitment to and appreciation of OLLI.

5. Does OLLI need the money?

Yes! Membership fees and the investment income from the endowment do not cover all of the program needs. 

6. Can I give in honor or in memory of someone?

Yes, gifts recognizing an individual or celebrating a special occasion are welcome.

7. Can I make a planned gift or estate gift to OLLI?

Yes! We welcome deferred and planned gifts, and the Northwestern team can assist in discussing your options. For more information and resources see the We Will Gift Planning website.

8. How will my contribution be recognized?

Your contribution will be recognized in an alphabetical list of OLLI donors unless you wish to remain anonymous. At OLLI, we support the emphasis on a peer culture in all things, including donations. Northwestern University recognizes donations of $1,000 and above for contributions made to any school or program.

9. Who can provide me with more information?

Kirsty Montgomery, Director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
847-492-8068 or 312-503-5404 kirsty.montgomery@northwestern.edu