Program Overview:

Advanced Accounting

The Advanced Accounting certificate is designed for those who have completed the Fundamentals of Accounting concentration or equivalent course work. The courses in this program provide in-depth and advanced knowledge of a range of topics, from auditing to income tax to research and communication. Students who have already completed significant course work in accounting may use these courses to complete their course requirements for the Illinois CPA examination or CPA exams in other states. Students may choose to take these courses in-person or online or a combination of both.

Program Goals

Advanced Accounting post-baccalaureate certificate students will:

  • Fulfill the requirements of the CPA exam
  • Analyze and synthesize complex financial information to make recommendations for action
  • Integrate accounting knowledge with business knowledge to make informed decisions
  • Prepare financial documents that meet regulatory requirements as well as the needs of business clients or owners
  • Demonstrate accounting knowledge through clear written and oral presentations, which consider the needs of the audience
  • Use research methods to resolve accounting issues, making use of authoritative documents and online databases

Required Courses

Required courses:

  • ACCOUNT 211 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACCOUNT 350 Auditing Principles & Procedures I
  • ACCOUNT 390 Topics: Research and Communication

2 to 4 elective courses
(based on previous coursework):

  • ACCOUNT 308 Income Tax II
  • ACCOUNT 340 Government/Nonprofit Accounting
  • ACCOUNT 360 Auditing Principles & Procedures II
  • ACCOUNT 370 Advanced Accounting
  • ACCOUNT 390 Topics: Accounting Information Systems
  • ACCOUNT 390 Topics: International Accounting

Online Coursework in Accounting Available

Students may enroll in online accounting classes. Enrollment in online classes is limited to students registered as post-baccalaureate students or students-at-large, according to university policy.

Quarter Starts for online accounting courses are:

  • Summer 2013: ACCOUNT 208-DL Income Tax I, ACCOUNT 210-DL Intermediate Accounting I, ACCOUNT 390-DL Topics: Research and Communication
  • Fall 2013: ACCOUNT 211-DL Intermediate Accounting II, ACCOUNT 310-DL Managerial Cost Accounting
  • Winter 2014: ACCOUNT 308-DL Income Tax II, ACCOUNT 350-DL Auditing I
  • Spring 2014: ACCOUNT 360-DL Auditing II, ACCOUNT 390-DL Topics: Forensic Accounting
  • Summer 2014: ACCOUNT 390-DL Topics: International Accounting

Additional Information

Students should have substantial academic experience in basic accounting or equivalent accounting knowledge before beginning the Advanced Accounting post-baccalaureate certificate. Recommended prerequisites are: 

  • ACCOUNT 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • ACCOUNT 202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • ACCOUNT 208 Income Tax
  • ACCOUNT 210 Intermediate Accounting
  • ACCOUNT 310 Managerial Cost Accounting