Program Overview:

Advanced Studies in Psychology

Create a course of study selected from psychology courses taught by Northwestern University faculty to prepare for graduate-level programs. Students in the Advanced Studies in Psychology program complete four to eight courses, building a foundation for future study in in psychology, counseling, social work, and other fields that involve the science and research of human behavior.


Select at least four courses from the following:

  • PSYCH 204 Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 205 Research Methods
  • PSYCH 215 Psychology of Personality
  • PSYCH 218 Developmental Psychology
  • PSYCH 228 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYCH 303 Psychopathology
  • PSYCH 306 Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  • PSYCH 314 Special Topics in Psychology (may be repeated with different topics)
  • PSYCH 375 Tests and Measures
  • Other 300-level psychology courses*

*Any 300-level psychology course offered in SPS may be applied toward the certificate. Examples include PSYCH 339 Psychology of Gender, PSYCH 376 Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and PSYCH 377 Child Psychopathology. 300-level courses are offered on a rotating basis each academic year. View the course schedule for current offerings.

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