Program Overview:

Digital Content Management

The evolution of digital technology has vastly impacted the way we communicate, live and work. As organizations shift their communication and business objectives to the digital space, there is a need for agile professionals who understand and can flourish in this rapidly evolving field. The certificate in Digital Content Management is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts and strategy of digital content and technology. Students learn theoretical and technical approaches to user experience, the essentials of compelling visual design, concepts and tools for content creation, tactics for persuasive, effective communication in the digital space, and the social and cultural influence of digital media. All courses are offered evenings and weekends.

The program is aimed at individuals who want to develop their skills in information management, design, technology and creative oversight in the digital space. The certificate is ideal for content creators, editors, writers, social media managers, web producers, educators, startup entrepreneurs and consultants, as well as marketing, advertising, public relations and media professionals.

Program Goals

Digital Content Management post-baccalaureate certificate students will:

  • Develop proficiency with the concepts and tools for visual, graphic and user-focused design
  • Cultivate interpretive strategies and analytical tools determine the impact of digital media
  • Practice and develop critical skills in use and evaluation of media strategy
  • Understand the strategic and integrative roles of content, design, and media channels within the digital space
  • Apply management best practices to execute complex projects

Required Courses

Four from the following:

  • ADVT 380 Intro to Visual Communication and Graphic Design
  • CIS 330 Human-Computer Interaction
  • COMM ST 395 Digital Media and Society
  • JRN WRIT 201-B Visual Storytelling
  • MKTG 310 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • ORG BEH 368 Project Management