Program Overview:

Finance Certificate Program

A solid foundation in finance is required for many business careers and for admission into certain graduate schools of business administration. The Finance certificate consists of courses that provide core knowledge, ranging from basic concepts and models to corporate finance to investment theory. 

Program Goals

Finance certificate students will:

  • Apply financial management principles to investment strategies, capital budgeting, bond and stock valuation, estimating the cost of capital and risk assessment
  • Construct an investment portfolio, based upon an understanding of financial management principles and risk management
  • Illustrate how derivative instruments can be used to manage risk for both financial and non-financial institutions
  • Explain the role of financial institutions in the national and global economy and financial markets

    Required Courses

    Four from the following:

    • ECON 362 International Finance
    • FINANCE 202 Introduction to Finance
    • FINANCE 360 Corporate Finance
    • FINANCE 363 Financial Markets and Institutions
    • FINANCE 364 Investments Theory
    • FINANCE 365 Portfolio Management
    • FINANCE 368 Options and Futures

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    Additional Information

    Students who have no previous finance course work must begin with Finance 202. The prerequisites for this courseCollege Algebra, Statistics, Financial Accounting, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, or equivalentswill ensure that all students are prepared for the complexity and challenge of the subject, which is typically taught to undergraduate students only after they have completed extensive prior course work.