Program Overview:

Online Fundamentals of Accounting Certificate Program

The Fundamentals of Accounting certificate provides students with a solid foundation in the principles and practices of accounting, including financial reporting and taxation, through online introductory and intermediate courses. The program prepares individuals who have budget responsibilities or who aspire to accounting and budgeting work. Students who complete the Fundamentals program will be ready to take advanced courses, particularly in the Advanced Accounting certificate.

Program Goals

Fundamentals of Accounting post-baccalaureate certificate students will:

  • Analyze and prepare financial statements
  • Employ critical thinking skills to analyze financial data as well as the effects of differing financial accounting methods on the financial statements.
  • Define the needs of the various users of accounting data and demonstrate the ability to communicate such data effectively, as well as the ability to provide knowledgeable recommendations.
  • Apply cost accounting methods to evaluate and project business performance.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the taxation of individual income. 

Required Courses

Students are required to take the following courses:

  • ACCOUNT 201 Intro to Financial Accounting
  • ACCOUNT 202 Intro to Managerial Accounting
  • ACCOUNT 208 Income Tax
  • ACCOUNT 210 Intermediate Accounting
  • ACCOUNT 310 Managerial Cost Accounting

Online Courses in Accounting

Students may enroll in accounting courses offered online. Enrollment is limited to SPS post-baccalaureate students and students-at-large, according to university policy.

The following accounting courses are offered online:

  • ACCOUNT 201-DL
  • ACCOUNT 202-DL
  • ACCOUNT 208-DL
  • ACCOUNT 210-DL
  • ACCOUNT 211-DL
  • ACCOUNT 308-DL
  • ACCOUNT 310-DL
  • ACCOUNT 350-DL
  • ACCOUNT 360-DL
  • ACCOUNT 390-DL