Program Overview:

Human Resource Certificate Program

In the past, human resource professionals focused primarily on administrative tasks such as finding qualified employees, matching them to appropriate jobs, and balancing the interests of the organization with the rights and needs of employees. Today the roles of human resource professionals have evolved to help an organization achieve its strategic goals and improve business results, while cultivating the talents of its staff. The Fundamentals of Human Resources certificate program is designed for human resource professionals or those who want to transition to the field, and it provides a foundational preparation for this fast-changing profession.

Program Goals

Fundamentals of Human Resources post-baccalaureate certificate students will:

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of human resources management terminology, concepts and principles
  • Learn to design and implement human resources management policies that support an organization's strategic plan
  • Learn to develop HRM practices that enhance an organization's ability to attract, motivate, develop and retain effective employees
  • Develop communication strategies to deliver clear information and manage interpersonal and organizational conflicts

Required Courses

Students are required to take 4 of the following courses:

  • ORG BEH 301 Organization Behavior
  • ORG BEH 311 Conflict Resolution
  • ORG BEH 309 Human Resource Management
  • ORG BEH 321 Employment Law
  • ORG BEH 322 Training and Development
  • ORG BEH 370 Quality/Performance Excellence
  • ORG BEH 391 Topics in Management: Talent Management