Program Overview:

Quantitative Essentials for Business Certificate Program

The Quantitative Essentials for Business post-baccalaureate certificate gives students the basic math skills required for business. Designed for students who have had limited college-level mathematics course work, this certificate builds a basis for future study while developing skills that have immediate relevance in many workplaces. In addition to basic math, the program offers courses in differential calculus, statistics and finance.

This program was formerly titled Math Fundamentals for Business.

Program Goals

Quantitative Essentials for Business post-baccalaureate certificate students will:

  • Acquire quantitative reasoning skills associated with managing business operations
  • Learn mathematical concepts through practical application 
  • Meet the requirements necessary to enroll in advanced-level business and finance study

Required Courses

Students are required to complete the following courses:

  • MATH 101 Algebra
  • MATH 113 Precalculus Mathematics
  • MATH 220 Differential Calculus
  • STAT 202 Introduction to Statistics

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Additional Information

Students who have little to no previous math experience may require additional prerequisite course work. Students who have previously taken certain required courses may substitute courses with permission from the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Post-baccalaureate programs.