Program Overview:

Premedicine Completion Program

The Premedicine Completion Program is intended for students who have completed some, but not all of the core science prerequisites needed to apply to medical school. Students in this program may take their remaining core classes through SPS and receive the same student services as those in the premedicine post-baccalaureate program. This program is not intended as a records-enhancement program. Students who have already applied to medical school or completed all their pre-medical coursework should not apply.

Students must complete the program within 12 calendar months and be enrolled in at least two units of coursework per term to be eligible for financial aid. Due to the sequential nature of the coursework, students may only begin the program in the summer or fall quarters.

Students who plan to enroll in this program during the summer immediately following the completion of their undergraduate degree may not be eligible for financial aid during that summer, depending on previous aid awards for that academic year. Please contact the Chicago Office of Financial Aid for more information.


Course plans will vary based on each student’s previously completed coursework. Upon admission into the program, students should consult with their academic advisor to create a plan of study. In order to receive a letter of completion, students must complete their individual required courses as determined in the initial advising meeting, and must complete a minimum of 4 units with a 3.0 GPA.

Courses are selected from the following:

  • General Chemistry Sequence (CHEM 110, 131, 132 and 141, 142*)
  • Organic Chemistry Sequence (CHEM 210-A,B,C and 230-B,C*)
  • General Biology Sequence (BIOL SCI 215, 217, 219)
  • General Biology Labs (BIOL SCI 220, 221, 222)
  • Biochemistry (BIOL SCI 308)
  • General Physics Sequence (PHYSICS 130-A,B,C and 131-A,B,C)

* Note: due to chemistry department policy, students may not begin a chemistry course in the middle of a sequence. Students who need to complete a chemistry course must take the entire sequence at SPS.

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Transfer Credit Policy for Premedicine Completion Program

Transfer credit is not accepted into this program. However, the program’s flexibility allows students to enroll in only the courses that they need.

Additional Information

Premedicine Completion Program students have different admission requirements and application processes than other post-baccalaureate students at the School of Professional Studies. Visit the Admissions page for details on admission requirements for this program and for SPS Office of Admissions contact information.