Post-baccalaureate Programs

Specialized Health Programs

Earn additional credits, build expertise and strengthen your application to medical school or other health-related programs in the Advanced Biology for the Health Professions or Health, Science and Society programs.
  • Earn an additional credential during your glide year after completing your Northwestern pre-med or pre-health concentration
  • Demonstrate mastery of upper-level content as a follow up to your undergraduate pre-med or pre-health study
  • Become a well-rounded medical or professional school applicant with humanities or social science credits

Advanced Studies in Biology for the Health Professions

Students enrolled in the advanced studies in biology for health professions program come from a wide range of backgrounds. This certificate program is designed for students who wish to extend their study of biology as a means of furthering their preparation for the health professions. Students interested in careers in medicine, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, or other health careers may find it useful to complete this certificate of four to eight courses.

Health, Science and Society

This certificate program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in medicine, public health, healthcare policy, or as healthcare providers and those who are interested in the impacts of science on society. Pre-medical and pre-health students needing additional humanities and social science coursework may find this certificate beneficial, particularly as medical and professional health schools place an increasing importance on cultural competency.