Program Overview:

Strategic Management Certificate

One of the biggest challenges facing human resources managers or anyone with a leadership role in business management is developing organizational structures in which people can function effectively and comfortably. The Strategic Management post-baccalaureate certificate program teaches students about the changing state of organizations, how management and leadership function in an evolving business world, and how communication and other critical elements of business can be achieved most effectively within organizational structures. The program is designed for human resources professionals, as well as individuals in management and leadership positions or who aspire to those roles.

This program was formerly titled Strategic Organizational Management.

Program Goals

Strategic Management post-baccalaureate certificate students will:

  • Develop strategies for use in leadership, management, operations, and planning, based upon best practices and current theories
  • Evaluate and solve contemporary problems presented in various business environments, through use of real-world examples and case studies
  • Analyze complex issues affecting organizations and make recommendations for actions, by applying principles of leadership and strategic management 

Required Courses

Four from the following:

  • COMM ST 250 Team Leadership/Decision Making
  • COMM ST 360 Organizational Communication
  • COMM ST 363 Bargaining and Negotiation
  • ORG BEH 307 Leadership Principles and Practice
  • ORG BEH 310 Organizational Change
  • ORG BEH 311 Conflict Resolution
  • ORG BEH 367 Strategic Planning & Management
  • ORG BEH 368 Project Management

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