Agile Practices

Career Options

The Agile methodology is well known for its success in the software development industry, but its principles and practices can be applied in any industry, from real estate to construction, education, and government. Project management careers are highly portable because the skills used are easily transferable to any industry.

Agile Project Management Potential

According to PMI, many traditional project managers are seeing an increased demand for Agile principles and practices across many industries.  Additionally, PMI reports that “organizations that use project management to serve both internal and external clients are seeing value in agile principles and practices to deliver projects more quickly, with less waste and cost due to misunderstood or poorly defined requirements.”

Median Salaries

  • Project Manager I, 2–5 Years of Experience: $67,761
  • Project Manager II, 5–10 Years of Experience:  $86,059
  • Project Manager III, 15+ Years of Experience: $100,306