Mobile App Developer

Career Options

Mobile application and web developer positions are not new, even so, this is an emerging field where many practitioners have only on-the-job training.  With our certificate, you may be qualified to fill one of these careers:

  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • Interactive Web Developer
  • iOS or Android App Developer

Application Developer Potential

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statics, jobs such as software developer will grow 30% by 2020. Although many of these jobs will require at least a bachelor's degree in computer science with deep programming experience, students who have those skills may use this certificate to position themselves as the "go-to" for mobile application development in their offices. Additionally, any student may use this program to begin working on their own applications as an entrepreneur or use the skills they acquire to solve other mobile programming issues.

Average Salaries

  • Software Developer: $90,530
  • Computer Programmer: $71,380
  • Computer Systems Analyst: $77,740
  • Web Developer: $75,660