Program Overview

Mobile App Development Certificate Program

The Mobile App Development Program has been discontinued. Check out our new Coding Bootcamp Certificate Program!

The Mobile App Designer Bootcamp Program takes a unique approach in a fast-growing field. Students bring their own project to the program and work with industry-expert faculty members who also act as mentors. The mentors help students get the most out of their idea and prepare it for production or for demo to venture capital firms. Students also gain exposure to the incubator/start-up culture in Chicago, and learn from practitioners with experience at Fortune 500 companies and agile start-ups. Courses meet in-person and meetings are spaced to allow time for students to work on their projects with their instructor using online collaboration tools. You can complete the Bootcamp in just 90 days.

Why learn mobile?

Tom Hanks made an app — so can you.

"But there’s another thing that makes Hanx Writer unique in the App Store, and it’s actually relevant to the app: Hanx Writer is the only word processor that becomes a more effective productivity tool if you have your headphones on while you use it. There’s a steady rhythm to the typewriter noises. It’s kind of soothing, even, like a reassuring rain that helps to close out the world. It delivers constant, audible, reassuring feedback that you’re actually getting work done."

Chicago Sun Times August 18, 2014


Program Goals

Students will be well prepared to:

  • Design mobile applications for Android and iOS devices
  • Create applications that are designed with the end user in mind
  • Analyze user data to identify opportunities and constraints for application development
  • Manage application development projects using agile project and scrum management tools

Bootcamp Components

The Bootcamp consists of two required and one optional class. The required classes are:

  • MOB APP 415: Introduction to Mobile Programming

And either:

  • MOB APP 304: Application Design for iOS or
  • MOB APP 305: Application Design for Android

As an elective students may also wish to take:

  • MOB APP 410: Exploring Entrepreneurship
    • This course will allow students to pitch their idea to their peers

Prerequisites and Technical Requirements

Technical requirements for all classes: Students need to bring their own devices and laptop to each class. Students can bring a PC or Mac for the App Design for Android Operating Systems class.

Technical requirements for the App Design for Apple Operating Systems: Students will need their own Mac laptop with administrator access.