Practicum in Athletic Allied Health Care

Application and Registration Information

To apply for the program, students will complete an application and submit it to Haley Zimmerman at by October 15 of their first or second year. Applications can be submitted throughout the year, but will only be reviewed in October. Select applicants will be invited for a period of observation with current students in the program between the months of October and December. Selected observation students will be interviewed by athletic training staff and the program director in Mid-January. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by the late-January or early February.  The practicum will begin in March.

Please use Adobe Reader 10 or a later version to download the program application. The application is not supported by Google Chrome or Mac reader software.

Timeline at a Glance

  • October 15 – applications due
  • October 15-Dec 1 – observation period
  • Mid January – interviews
  • End Jan-February – orientation
  • Spring quarter – begin practicum

Registration Instructions

Once accepted, students will need to submit a Dual Registration Form. The form needs to be signed by the dean of your school or appropriate representative (WCAS advisors can sign) to the Registrar’s Office, 633 Clark St, Evanston. Students will be given specific instructions on a per term basis. Only students who receive a satisfactory grade for the previous term may register. See the assessment section below for details.

Student Assessment

Students will be evaluated by team physicians and staff athletic trainers on a constant basis. In many cases, the assessment will be informal and will take place when working with the athletic trainers on a case-by-case basis during injury treatment, practices, or games. Bi-annually, students will submit a self-evaluation where they will evaluate themselves in clinical skills, communication skills, and personal/professional behaviors. They will submit their evaluation to their staff advisor and will receive specific verbal or written feedback.

For many in-services, students will be required to demonstrate skill proficiencies related to the educational presentations and will be assessed by the instructor of the in-service training. This assessment may be oral or written, and the instructor will log the assessment to be passed on to the program director. For the capstone presentation, students will be reviewed by their peers, using verbal and written feedback, as well as staff athletic trainers, and the program director, who will give specific written feedback to the student. The student will be awarded a satisfactory grade each quarter based on these assessments compiled by the athletic program director.