Post Graduate Program in Data Science, Design and Visualization

Program Courses

To earn a certificate in Data Science, Design and Visualization, you must complete the four core courses.

Professional Development Programs

Bridge School Data Science, Design and Visualization
DSDV_IN 102-DL Introduction to Data Analytics and R *Core Course

This course will introduce to their primary tool R and to the appropriate uses of analytics and its limitations and define how to approach the various stakeholders within an organization with analytic information. Included will be a review of the ethical, regulatory, and compliance issues related to a given business problem and/or solution. Time will be spent interpreting performance-based organizational issues while concurrently identifying solutions for these same performance-based organizational issues. In addition, time will be spent identifying best practices to plan for engaging, implementing, and sustaining organizational change.

Winter 2018 Sec #1 (102-DL)
Start/End Dates Day Time Building
01/07/18 - 03/11/18 Asynch
Instructor Location Status CAESAR Course ID
Online Open 28169