Post Graduate Program in Data Science, Design and Visualization

Program Courses

To earn a certificate in Data Science, Design and Visualization, you must complete the four core courses.

Professional Development Programs

Bridge School Data Science, Design and Visualization
DSDV_IN 101-DL Database Systems and Technologies *Core Course

Database systems are at the core of modern information systems, in this course, students will explore
the principles of data management and data extraction. Database design, modeling, and
implementation concepts will be reviewed and discussed. Students will learn how the different
forms of data such as structured data in SQL databases, and unstructured data in NoSQL database
systems are stored and accessed. Students will also learn how to query a database and extract useful
information to support the decision making process for information design and strategy. The
course has hands-on modules that provide the students with SQL and NoSQL programming skills
in order to extract and process data from a database engine and present the information in forms
suitable for end-users.

Fall 2017 Sec #1 (101-DL)

Schedule Notes:

Cohort 1

Start/End Dates Day Time Building
10/15/17 - 12/17/17 Optional Sync Days: TBA
Instructor Location Status CAESAR Course ID
Online Open 18929