Professional Development Programs

Business Analytics Certificate Programs

The demand is great in a wide range of industries for professionals who can deliver a competitive advantage to their organizations though the successful use of data analytics. Northwestern University offers two certificate programs to help professionals advance their careers in this growing and evolving area.

Certificate Program in Business Analytics

Business analytics is rapidly driving improved decision-making and increased ROI across myriad industries. Advancements in technology and storage infrastructures have made it easier and cheaper to process and store vast amounts of data. The phenomenal growth of social media, sensor and data capture technologies, mobile geospatial capabilities, commercial online activities, and increasing interconnectivity have introduced the term of “big data” to the world. Opportunities abound for those who can strategically harness that data. Companies of all sizes can collect, interpret and analyze data to greatly improve the customer experience and enhance operations and efficiencies.

Business Analytics for Decision Makers

Predictive business analytics is a quickly growing field, but many companies struggle trying to tap into the power of available data without being overwhelmed by it. This program is geared to decision makers and leaders who need to understand the strategic value that business analytics can bring to an organization. Students will learn what analytics is and what it can and can’t do; how to build the skills to implement it; how to integrate it into other strategic processes; how to gather data across multiple sources including supply chains, POS systems, customer interactions, and market research activities; and how to make strategic decisions based on results of analysis.