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Certificate in Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Certificate Program gives professionals a hands-on opportunity to apply analytics to real-world problems and situations. Students learn strategies for leveraging “Big Data” and predictive modeling to drive smart business decisions.

Program Overview

Certificate in Business Analytics — Online Program

Business analytics is rapidly driving improved decision-making and increased ROI across myriad industries. Advancements in technology and storage infrastructures have made it easier and cheaper to process and store vast amounts of data. The phenomenal growth of social media, sensor and data capture technologies, mobile geospatial capabilities, commercial online activities, and increasing interconnectivity have introduced the term of big data to the world. Opportunities abound for those who can strategically harness that data. Companies of all sizes can collect, interpret and analyze data to greatly improve the customer experience and enhance operations and efficiencies.

Registration for Winter 2018 is now open:

  • BUS_ANLY 202-DL: Modeling Methods — Register by Sunday, January 21

  • BUS_ANLY 204-DL: Analytics Communication & Management — Register by Sunday, January 21

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Are you a leader who wants to know how analytics can transform your business? Learn more about the Business Analytics for Decision Makers certificate program.

Program Goals

In this certificate program students gain a practical understanding of how to use the business analytics process to harness the power of big data to gain actionable business insights.

Upon completion of the Business Analytics Certificate program, students will be able to:

  • Apply analytics tools to real-world business contexts for improved decision-making
  • Assess the strengths and limitations of analytics and predictive modeling techniques for different business applications and varying data conditions
  • Acquire hands-on experience working with leading statistical tools and software packages (such as R and Tableau) in predictive modeling and the visual analysis of results
  • Effectively communicate the actionable insights stemming from analytical work to multiple stakeholders
  • Strategically navigate technology tools and trends to solve big data and analytics problems
  • Manage data strategies and analytical projects

Program Audience

The Business Analytics Online Certificate Program is designed for professionals in the field of analytics who aspire to managerial or leadership roles in their organizations.

In this program students will not only learn the mathematics behind the analytics, but how analytics drives business decisions and competitive advantage.

In addition, students will learn best practices on communicating results to management so that the "actionable insight" isn't lost in the analysis.

Certificate Requirements

To earn a Certificate in Business Analytics students must complete four online core courses. You must take BUS_ANLY 201 Intro to Business Analytics, BUS_ANLY 202 Modeling Methods, and BUS_ANLY 203 Advanced Modeling Methods in order, but may take BUS_ANLY 204 Analytics Communication and Management whenever it is offered.

Core Courses

  • BUS_ANLY 201-DL: Introduction to Business Analytics
  • BUS_ANLY 202-DL: Modeling Methods
  • BUS_ANLY 203-DL: Advanced Modeling Methods
  • BUS_ANLY 204-DL: Analytics Communication and Management (can be taken out of sequence)

To earn an additional Advanced Certificate in a specialized area of study, students may complete any of the elective courses. Students may complete as many electives as they wish in order to earn separate certificates. 

Elective Courses

  • BUS_ANLY 302-DL: Marketing Analytics (can be taken out of sequence)
  • BUS_ANLY 303-DL: Risk Analytics (Students should have completed BUS_ANLY 203-DL Advanced Modeling Methods or have comparable knowledge of the material)

Course Delivery

  • Courses in the Business Analytics certificate program will be delivered online.
  • The online content includes faculty lecture videos, live sync sessions, discussion boards, multimedia exercises, reading and problem-solving.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Students will be learning the R language in class.  This is an open-source language available for free download.  It is recommended that students have access to a computer/laptop that meets the minimum specifications found here.

Please note that this Certificate in Business Analytics is a non-credit offering. Non-credit courses do not transfer into a degree program of any kind at Northwestern University. If you are a degree seeking student, please learn more about our Master of Science in Predictive Analytics program.

Core Courses:

  • BUS_ANLY 201-DL Intro to Business Analytics
  • BUS_ANLY 202-DL Modeling Methods
  • BUS_ANLY 203-DL Advanced Modeling Methods
  • BUS_ANLY 204-DL Analytics Communication and Management

Elective Courses:

  • BUS_ANLY 303-DL Risk Analytics