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Certificate in Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Certificate Program gives professionals a hands-on opportunity to apply analytics to real-world problems and situations. Students learn strategies for leveraging “Big Data” and predictive modeling to drive smart business decisions.

Business Analytics

Program Courses

To earn a certificate in Business Analytics, you must complete the four core courses. There is no admissions process for the Certificate in Business Analytics. Start the path toward your certificate by registering for your first course below.

Professional Development Programs

Business Analytics Program
BUS_ANLY 201-DL Intro to Business Analytics *Core Course

This course focuses on building the programming and analytics skills necessary to build analytics solutions to business problems. The course begins with a general introduction to the subject of business analytics: what it is, how does it add value in an organization, and what are characteristics of organizations which successfully use analytics to drive operations. Using that as a foundation for later thought and action, the course moves into the fundamentals of programming using the mathematical and analytics language R. Through a mix of online content and student activities, the concepts of how to program in R are delivered. Students perform weekly activities including discussion boards, quizzes and assignments as well as exploration of the larger online data science and analytics community to prepare for applying analytics to business scenarios. The course wraps up with application of the analytics skills to reading and understanding business cases and a review of how hypothesis testing can be applied in business situations to promote better operations and results.

Prerequisite knowledge: Students should have a basic understanding of statistics concepts including:

   - Descriptive statistics
   - Probability
   - Normal distribution and its applications
   - Statistical inference


Fall 2017 Sec #50 (201-DL)

Schedule Notes:

This course is offered exclusively ONLINE.

Course Materials:

Course Materials:

Peng, R. (2014-15). R Programming for Data Science. Leanpub.

Lane, D., Scott, D., Hebl, M., Guerra, R., Osherson, D., and Zimmer, H. Introduction to Statistics

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10/08/17 - 12/03/17 Optional Sync Days: TBA
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Online Closed 18137