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Certificate in Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Certificate Program gives professionals a hands-on opportunity to apply analytics to real-world problems and situations. Students learn strategies for leveraging “Big Data” and predictive modeling to drive smart business decisions.

Business Analytics

Program Courses

To earn a certificate in Business Analytics, you must complete the four core courses. There is no admissions process for the Certificate in Business Analytics. Start the path toward your certificate by registering for your first course below.

Professional Development Programs

Business Analytics for Practitioners Online
BUS_ANLY 204-DL Analytics Communication and Management *Core Course

In this section we will focus the keys to becoming a predictive analytics enabled organization. Next we will examine how to take the results from data mining and predictive analytics to create powerful and convincing visual analytics. We will focus on creating info graphics, PowerPoint presentations, Dashboarding software and writing simple code in R to create powerful charts and infographics. We will also learn methods to create lasting impact on the audience while designing such infographics, visuals and dashboards. We will learn different examples from the industry on the best practices. Lastly, we will examine how an organization can use predictive analytics as a competitive advantage and the privacy and security concerns that may accompany that transformation.


Students CAN take this course out of sequence (before completing BUS_ANLY 201, 202, 203).


Winter 2018 Sec #50 (204-DL)
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This course is offered exclusively ONLINE.

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01/21/18 - 03/11/18 Asynch
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