On-Campus Program: Weeknight CFP Courses and Class Schedule

Complete the certificate in 14 to 18 months by
  • Taking more than one course at a time at least once during the program such as Income Tax, Estate or Retirement Planning. (Taking more than two courses per term is not recommended.)
  • Taking the Introduction and Investment course by themselves (i.e. do not double up).
  • Taking the Financial Plan Development and Presentation course by itself at the end of the program. (Per CFP Board no exceptions will be made.)

Program Schedule:
Courses are held according to the schedule below, but may be subject to change.

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Online CFP Program

Online CPA Exam Preparation

Annual Schedule

300-0 Intro to Financial Planning X   X
301-0 Insurance Planning   X   X
312-0 Investment Planning X   X
313-0 Income Tax Planning X X
314-0 Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits X X
315-0 Estate Planning X X

320-0 Financial Plan Development and Presentation (Capstone) *Only offered during the Fall and Spring terms. Please plan your schedule with this in mind.


Sample Standard Course Plan

Fall Start



FALL Intro Estate
WINTER Insurance Retirement
SPRING Income Tax Financial Plan
SUMMER Investment [July Exam]

Sample Accelerated Course Plan

Fall Start



FALL Intro Financial Plan
WINTER Insurance + Retirement [March Exam]
SPRING Income Tax + Estate
SUMMER Investment

Professional Development Programs

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Certification Education Program
FN_EXTND 313-0 Income Tax Planning *Core Course

This course provides an overview of the federal income tax system, examining the income taxation of individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs and corporations. Students will begin with taxation terminology and then learn about the concepts of gross income and deductions for profit-making activities, personal deductions and tax planning for the family, tax benefits of home ownership, planning for the acquisition and deposition of other real estate, and how the choice of business entity affects the taxes of owners and employees. The course will focus on how financial planners advise clients about the most effective methods of maximizing wealth by reducing their tax burden through an examination of a variety of tax issues-including tax law, accounting methods, tax planning related to employee compensation, research and practitioner concerns, cost-recovery methods, consequences of like-kind exchanges and tax-advantage investments. Alternative minimum tax (AMT), self-employment tax, ethical considerations, potential traps and pitfalls, and the consequences and effects of IRS audits and enforcement activities also will be discussed. This course is offered during the fall and spring terms.


Spring 2017 Sec #44

Course Materials:

College for Financial Planning Study Guides - Income Tax (Modules 1-8)

Students can purchase these study guides at a discounted rate by emailing Regena Davis at regena.davis@cffp.edu. To receive the discount, you must identify yourself as a Northwestern University student.


HP10BII+ Financial Calculator

Start/End Dates Course Sync Time Building
04/05/17 - 06/07/17 W 5:45 – 9 p.m. Wieboldt Hall, 339 E Chicago Avenue Room 507
Instructor Course Format Status CAESAR Course ID
Chicago Campus Closed 37940