Career Options

Skilled managers are essential across all industries including sales, training and development, public relations, marketing and real estate. Management positions often require a bachelor’s degree with 2-5 years of experience. Top executives may need to also earn a master’s degree and typically need extensive managerial experience. Many top executives advance within their own company, moving up from lower level managerial or supervisory positions.

Average Salaries

Average salaries for managers differ across industries. Below are examples of average management salaries according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010):

  • Administrative Services Managers: $77,890
  • Compensation and Benefits Managers: $89,270
  • Sales Managers: $98,530
  • Human Resources Managers: $99,180
  • Top Executives: $101,250
  • Financial Managers: $103,910

Additional Information

The Leadership certificate program can prime emerging and new managers with the skills and insights that they need to move to the next level in their career.