Program Overview:

Jewish Leadership Program

The curriculum is rooted in the belief that Judaism has its own distinct and insightful approaches to leadership. Through lectures, group work and individual mentoring led by Northwestern University and Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership faculty, as well as prominent nonprofit and business leaders in the Jewish community, participants will learn best practices drawn from contemporary leadership principles and classical Jewish texts and thought.

Program Goals

Participants who complete the program will be able to:

  • Analyze, explain, and model what it means to be an effective leader by drawing upon Jewish scholarship and classical texts and best practices.
  • Apply ethical principles based on Jewish traditions into daily leadership practices.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of key qualities of effective leadership based on contemporary leadership theory.
  • Develop a repertoire of supervisory, conflict resolution and change management skills.
  • Implement strategies and techniques for effective collaboration, team building and communication.
  • Synthesize what is learned in this program to solve problems within the participant's organization.

A Unique Partnership

"I believe in the teaching of Moses Maimonides who instructed us to "consider the truth, regardless of the source." As such, I draw inspiration as a CEO from classical Jewish sources on humility, power sharing, and ethics, and at the same time, I am guided by the teachings of today's preeminent thinkers on leadership in areas that range from collaboration to succession planning."
— Dr. Hal M. Lewis, President and CEO Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership

Hal M. Lewis

Spertus Institute

Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership

Innovative Faith-based Program

"I'm very proud to support the new Certificate in Jewish Leadership program offered by Northwestern's School of Professional Studies in cooperation with the Spertus Institute. This innovative program will provide Jewish leaders the opportunity to enhance their professional careers in the context of their personal faith. It will be a wonderful addition to our leadership programs in the School of Professional Studies."

— Dr. Morton Schapiro, President, Northwestern University

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Certificate Requirements

The curriculum is a four-module sequence offered on the campuses of Northwestern University in Evanston and Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago. Participants proceed through the curriculum as a cohort, which provides opportunities for peer learning and networking. Students must complete the entire program of study to earn a certificate.

    Program Structure

    The curriculum is a four-module sequence offered on Northwestern's Evanston campus and at Spertus Institute in Chicago's South Loop. It begins with an intensive two-day seminar and continues with three modules, the first two meeting on Monday evenings and the last another two-day session on a Sunday and Monday. Exact meeting times and starts dates will be worked out by consensus once the cohort fills up.

    Professional Mentoring

    A unique and essential aspect of the program will be its focus on the mentoring of participants by seasoned Jewish professional and lay leaders. These mentors will serve in the capstone project, where they will lend their expertise to the participants' real-world challenges. Mentoring is one of the most unique aspects of the program. Each student is assigned a professional mentor who has extensive senior-level experience in Jewish leadership positions. Mentors work closely with participants to identify areas for professional growth, to discuss particularly challenging professional issues, and help to weave the classroom learning with professional application. Mentors are drawn from a pool of seasoned Jewish professionals, many of whom have worked with Spertus graduate participants in other mentoring relationships. Each student is assigned an individual mentor, based on the student's particular needs and goals.

    How to Apply

    For more information, please contact the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership at (312) 322-1707.

    Core Courses:

    • JW_LEAD 301-0 Models of Jewish Leadership
    • JW_LEAD 302-0 Communications for Leaders
    • JW_LEAD 303-0 Collaboration & Power Sharing
    • JW_LEAD 305-0 Leading People through Change