Professional Development Programs

Mediation Programs at Northwestern

Legal professionals as well as career changers can build their mediation skills, earn CE credits, and learn how to build and manage a practice in these hands-on certificate programs.

Mediation Skills Training

This intensive five-day program provides students with the hands-on opportunity to engage in mediations and acquire the skills used to assist parties with divergent interests to reach a resolution. Through extensive simulations in which students will have the opportunity to be both the mediator and a party in a dispute, students will learn how third-party intervention can resolve conflict in a wide variety of settings, from workplace and commercial to interpersonal and community disputes. A significant focus of the program will be the use of mediation role play exercises in which students will be observed and coached by professional mediators. The seminar will also be facilitated by a well-respected mediation trainer in the field. Northwestern University is a member of the National Mediation Training Registry. 

Divorce Mediation Training

Learn the intricacies of this important role in family law from experts in the field. This intensive five-day course provides students with the hands-on opportunity to facilitate mediation and acquire the skills used to assist couples who are divorcing to reach agreement on issues such as child custody and parenting plans, asset and debt distribution, alimony and child support, among others. Students will learn the emotional impact of divorce on the couple and the children, effective techniques to deal with impasse, when mediation may not be appropriate, issues of power imbalance and ethical concerns. This program has been approved by the Association for Conflict Resolution — Family Section and is accepted by local courts for family mediation rosters.