Program Overview:

Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations Certificate Program

The program is designed for those seeking to advance their careers in fundraising and nonprofit administration through a combination of hands-on skills and theoretical knowledge, taught by practitioners in the field from major nonprofit institutions, research universities and consulting firms.

Students may choose any four courses for a customized certificate in "Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations." Those seeking a more targeted learning experience may choose to complete the "Fundraising Professional" or "Nonprofit Professional" certificate track.

Registration for Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 is now open!

Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organization Track

A customized course of study where students pick any four courses from the list below, with substitutions allowed from the Fundamentals of Leadership Program. 

Audience: Those with multiple roles within a nonprofit or those looking for a customized learning experience, blending fundraising, leadership and management.

Fundraising Professional Track

Hands-on skills program to teach students how to effectively raise money through major gifts, planned gifts, and capital campaigns.  In addition, students will learn about the psychology of donors and what makes people give.

Audience: Frontline fundraising personnel such as major gift officers, annual fund directors, capital campaign managers, development associates

Nonprofit Professional Track

Understand financial and legal structures of nonprofits as well as how to write mission statements, strategic plans and work with boards

Audience: Managers and directors in nonprofits and those that want to start a nonprofit

Certificate Requirements

To be awarded a certificate of completion, students must complete four courses. Required courses for each certificate are listed below.

Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations Certificate Track

  • Take any four (4) courses from the list below (Core or Elective).
  • Students may substitute Fundamentals of Leadership courses as well
  • There is no need to get pre-approval as long as students follow the above guidelines
  • Questions on other potential courses can be addressed to

Fundraising Professional Certificate Track

  • PHIL_NP 315-0 Donor Psychology and The Ask
  • PHIL_NP 378-0 Major Gift Fundraising
  • PHIL_NP 381-0 Grantsmanship and Program Development -OR- PHIL_NP 380-0 Grantsmanship for Research Professionals
  • One elective course from the Fundamentals of Leadership or Nonprofit Professionals program

Nonprofit Professional Certificate Track

  • LEAD_ART 200-0 Leadership and Organizational Strategy
  • PHIL_NP 320-0 Financial Management of Nonprofits
  • PHIL_NP 325-0 Nonprofit Governance, Mission and Strategic Planning
  • PHIL_NP 330-0 Legal Issues in Philanthropy

For Students Who Started Before January 1, 2014

In order to make this change user-friendly for you, we have the following options in place:

  • As a current student, you can earn a certificate for “Fundraising Professional,” “Nonprofit Professional,” or “Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations.”
  • If you have already completed 4 courses, you may apply them to receive a certificate immediately.
  • If you took the Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy or Nonprofit Management courses, you may apply those courses to any other course. 

Grantsmanship for the Research Professional

While this is not a separate track, this course can be useful to grant administrators in the sciences, medicine and other research-intensive environments.  This may be substitued for the Granstmanship and Program Development course in the Fundraising Professional track as well.

Core Courses:

  • PHIL_NP 315-0 Donor Psychology and The Ask
  • PHIL_NP 320-0 Financial Management
  • PHIL_NP 325-0 NonProfit Governance
  • PHIL_NP 330-0 Legal Issues in Philanthropy
  • PHIL_NP 378-0 Major Gift Fundraising
  • PHIL_NP 381-0 Grantsmanship and Program Dev

Elective Courses:

  • PHIL_NP 380-0 Grants for the Research Pro