Crash Investigation and Reconstruction

Thank you for your interest in the crash investigation and reconstruction programs offered by Northwestern's Center for Public Safety. The study of crash investigation has been a hallmark of our work since 1936, when Franklin M. Kreml, a young officer of the Evanston Police Department and full time undergraduate student at Northwestern, helped to found the field of accident investigation.

Today, our approach continues to set the standard on the scene and in the courtroom.

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Host a Course at Your Agency

Each year agencies around the world sign on to host one or a series of crash investigation and reconstruction courses at their location. As a host, your agency may be eligible for free tuition. To learn more, please fill out this form, and we will contact you to follow up.

Books and Tools

Traffic Crash Investigation, 11th Edition (released 2014) Traffic Crash Investigation, 11th Edition is a comprehensive collection of the most important techniques and definitions essential for developing an accurate picture of motor vehicle crashes. $110 plus shipping.

Traffic Crash Reconstruction, 2nd Edition (released 2010) Traffic Crash Reconstruction, 2nd Edition provides in-depth coverage of the major issues that arise in crash reconstruction, extensively using real-world crash cases and relevant mathematical formulas and the laws of physics to help interpret how a crash occurrs. $110 plus shipping.

2014 Reconstructionist Package The 2014 Traffic Crash Reconstructionist Package includes all the tools needed for accurate, reliable traffic crash reconstruction. Available in English and Spanish.  $250 plus shipping.

Crash Investigation Templates and Tools

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