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Crime Scene & Forensic Science
Changes in technology are transforming the field of crime scene investigation and forensics. Our programs help investigators get ahead of the curve.

Northwestern crime scene and forensics classes are hands-on. Classs take place in a specially prepared lab. Participants have a chance to experiment with new tools and approaches. Graduates can apply their credits toward certification by the IAI and the IABPA.

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Bloodstain Evidence Series

Delve into best-practices in the documentation and identification of bloodstain pattern in Bloodstain Evidence 1. Learn to reconstruct the crime scene and correlate bloodstain patterns with body trauma in Bloodstain Evidence 2

Crime Scene Technology Series

Described by former students as "the most comprehensive course of its kind" the crime scene series gives participants a thorough grounding in the latest techniques of evidence development and enhancement. View upcoming classes.

Get Certified

Our courses meet membership requirements set by the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts and by the International Association for Identification. See individual class descriptions for details. 

"Northwestern does it right. The depth that the forensic courses go into is not the norm. We're able to replicate a crime scene in the lab and try out processes we wouldn't have a chance to try out elsewhere." 

—Deputy Sheirff J. Yanecek, Lake County (IL) Sheriff's Office