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For more than 80 years, Northwestern University Center for Public Safety has never wavered in our dedication to creating safer and stronger communities. As a NUCPS graduate or a supporter of public safety, you understand the positive impact we have on public safety professionals and their departments and agencies. Now you can help increase the standards of community safety and the public safety profession by contributing to our NUCPS need-based student scholarships.

Due to tight municipal and state budgets, demand for our need-based scholarships is at an all-time high. We can only accommodate a fraction of these requests. However, together as partners, we can help many more public safety professionals — and their communities -- benefit from the same expert level of programming and development that only Northwestern can provide.

Our alumni are striving to do great things to better their communities — and with a contribution to NUCPS need-based student scholarships, you will directly make a positive impact on a career and on the future of public safety.


Contributing to NUCPS student scholarships has never been easier or more fulfilling. Each and every gift we receive directly increases our ability to offer need-based scholarships to deserving students.

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Each contribution we receive during 2017 will directly increase our ability to offer need-based scholarships to deserving students.


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Impact the Future of Public Safety

NUCPS Student Scholarships

Those Who Took a Northwestern Direction: NUCPS Alumni

Our graduates are making significant impacts both inside and outside of their agencies to better the standards of public safety and the quality of effective, trusting relations between their departments and their communities.

SPSC #255 Graduate Captain Thomas Vento, Patrol Division Commander, Brookfield (WI) Police Department

"[NUCPS] helped to give me a better "big picture" perspective regarding my leadership role."

One Vento's two most important takeaways from SPSC were the importance of managing effectively and leading with a focus on the health and future of the agency. Vento emphasizes that "It is every leader's responsibility to teach your job to the person below you, leading in the present but also preparing the future."

On a personal level Vento says that his NUCPS experience was a lifesaver. Having survived cancer once already he was diagnosed with a reoccurrence while in class. Â During the ten weeks in SPSC, he was hospitalized twice and each time took an exam in his hospital bed. "My classmates were very supportive of me and provided me with an incredible amount of assistance."

Vento attributes his promotion from lieutenant to captain to his NUCPSl, application of what he learned, and personal determination.

SPSC Graduate Chief Lee Benson, Upper Dublin (PA) Police Department

Benson, the recently promoted chief of the Upper Dublin (PA) Police Department, knew early on that wanted to be a police officer to "help people as much as I can. Being a police officer gives you an opportunity to do that." As Upper Dublin's new chief, Benson will incorporate his NUCPS experience directly into his department and community. His experience at NUCPS was "the bets training I've had."

Crime Scene Graduate Officer Stephen Bush, Skokie (IL) Police Department

"We're the good guys and we want them to know that they can trust us to help ensure their safety." -- Steve Bush

Bush and fellow officer Terrance Alexander developed the idea of Cops with Kids over lunch one day. Their chief, EMP and SPSC #138 graduate Anthony Scarpelli, approved their need-based holiday shopping spree. Now in its third calendar year, the program includes Bush, Scarapelli, and Alexander, along with 25 other Skokie Police officers, more than 75 needy children, and more than 30 volunteers -- all taking part in the annual 5-hour excursion. "[The] program helps us connect with the children of Skokie and lets them see us in a different environment," remarks Bush.

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