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Supervision of Police Personnel
Supervision of Police Personnel (SPP) prepares first-line supervisors to step into the role with confidence and skill.

Learn to overcome contemporary leadership challenges, understand human behavior and excel in day-to-day work relationships with subordinates, superiors and the public. Effectively motivate, evaluate and discipline employees in order to successfully carry out the vision of your agency.

Conducted on-ground or online. Recommended for officers seeking promotion, soon-to-be promoted officers, or experienced supervisors without formal training. 

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Develop New Skills

Participants demonstrate proficiency in key skills areas including decision making, communication, discipline, risk management, motivation, employee wellness, diversity, planning, performance management and more.

Build Your Network

Case studies, class discussions, and practice sessions contribute to a student-centered and collaborative learning experience. Participants leave the course having developed a network of peers—a valuable resource for new leaders. 

Lay a Strong Foundation

Participants learn about the dynamics of leadership  and their preferences through assessments, discussion and reflection.  This understanding contributes to day-to-day effectiveness and equips them for future growth.