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School of Police Staff and Command
The School of Police Staff and Command (SPSC) prepares mid-level supervisors for leadership in law enforcement and public safety.
SPSC graduates currently serve as chiefs, sheriffs, and public safety directors in agencies around the country. Practical and rigorous, SPSC prepares you to face the challenges of 21st century policing by developing the skills that count. Take the next step. Fill out the form for more information.
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Prepare to Lead

The SPSC is a proven training-ground for law enforcement leaders. Learn the hard and soft skills required to run an agency. Experience a management curriculum specially designed for the needs of public safety leaders.

Build Your Network

Build a network that will last a lifetime. Unlike other college programs, the SPSC is exclusively for public safety professionals. Participants connect with peers and alumni from agencies across the U.S.

Apply What You Learn

During the SPSC, participants identify, analyze and design a solution to a issue facing their agency. Based on problem-based learning strategies, SPSC coursework is practical and immediately applicable.

Deputy Chief W. Todd Henry, Metro Nashville (TN) Police Department

“The School of Police Staff and Command takes good supervisors and turns them into exceptional managers and leaders—providing a lifelong benefit to the individual and immediate value to the organization.”

—Deputy Chief W. Todd Henry, Metro Nashville (TN) Police Department