Traffic Crash Investigation, 11th Edition

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NUCPS is pleased to announce the fall 2014 release of the Traffic Crash Investigation, 11th Edition textbook by J. Stannard Baker, Lynn B. Fricke and other contributing crash investigation experts.

Considered the definitive standard by attorneys, prosecutors and judges, law enforcement officers, engineers and other safety groups, the latest edition is a major update of the text.

What's New?
  • Now available electronically
  • Photographs and drawings now in full-color
  • New chapter on electronic measuring devices
  • Full chapter on investigating hit and run incidents
“J. Stannard Baker’s approach to traffic crash investigation—which he developed here at NUCPS more than 70 years ago—is the foundation of our books and we’re thrilled to be able to offer our students and professional crash investigators a resource that honors that foundation while also addressing twenty-first century technology and practices.”

      --Roy Lucke, NUCPS Director of Highway and Transportation Safety Programs

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Together, NUCPS’s textbooks, Traffic Crash Investigation and Traffic Crash Reconstruction, cover the fundamental techniques and principles for the investigation and reconstruction of traffic crashes.

Traffic Crash Investigation deals primarily with data collection at crash scenes as well as some data interpretation while Traffic Crash Reconstruction focuses on the analysis of crash data.

Traffic Crash Investigation, 11th Edition

Traffic Crash Reconstruction, 2nd Edition

Two Book Set

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NUCPS is a worldwide leader in traffic crash investigation and reconstruction training offering a definitive sequence of courses that continue to set the standard for the field.

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