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The beginning of a new year signals a fresh start for many.  For us, at Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, it signals the launch of our new electronic newsletter, The Key.  We hope you join us as we cover topics of interest to our students and alumni -- including best practices in management, crash investigation, forensics and transportation engineering.

From the Executive Director

We at NUCPS are excited to present and welcome you to the electronic version of The Key.    Read more.

Qualified Immunity for Trooper Shooting

After attempting to arrest a suspect on an outstanding warrant, a Texas Department of Public Safety sergeant gave chase when the suspect fled, racing down the highway at 110 miles per hour. The sergeant was joined by two other troopers; a third, Mullinex, tried to shoot out the car’s engine block and radiator from a highway overpass, where spike strips and another officer were stationed below. Before attempting his plan, Mullinex radioed his supervisor to ask if it was “worth doing.” The sergeant told Mullinex to stand by to see whether the spike strips worked. It’s unclear whether Mullinex didn’t hear or disregarded that response.    Read More.

NUCPS "Crashes" Into Real Life

On abandoned roadways in northern Lake County, participants witnessed several live crash tests during the multi-day event. Tests included a vehicle versus motorcycle crash, two-vehicle intersection crashes, and a three-car rear-ending crash.    Read More.

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Prevent Community Crisis Workshop
Prevent Community Crisis by Developing, Managing & Improving Police Community Partnerships, April 11-12, 2016
This April, please join NUCPS faculty and experts from academia and law enforcement for this special two-day workshop.  Learn more.

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