2003 National DUI Enforcement Symposium

It makes sense that driving a heavy vehicle after drinking heavily can be deadly. Participants of the 2003 National DUI Enforcement Symposium learned first-hand just how deadly such behavior really is. Amidst the wealth of information shared by keynote speaker Dr. Jeffrey Michael, Director of the Impaired Driving and Occupant Restraint Division at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, was the fact that in 2002, the largest increase in alcohol related crashes came from drivers of SUVs. Alcohol related crashes among this group increased by 11%. Additionally, Dr. Michael pointed out that in 87% of the alcohol related crashes, blood alcohol levels were higher than .08. Interestingly, the number of DUI fatalities increased in 2002, but injuries decreased. Because it was the third year in a row that DUI fatalities increased, Dr. Michael called on law enforcement officials to take a leadership role in reversing the trend. Northwestern University Center for Public Safety officials promised to make all of their resources available to assist in the effort.

"The Center is particularly pleased to serve as the focal point for a renewed interest in DUI," said Director Alexander Weiss, Ph.D. Dr. Weiss's statistical snapshot showed nationwide DUI arrests decreasing from a peak in the 1980s, and participants learned about successful law enforcement strategies from Tennessee, Washington, Illinois, Ohio and New York. They also learned strategies for effective testimony and they received a poignant reminder of who loses when motorists drive under the influence.

Several speakers had lost a brother, child or other relative to DUI. Former MADD President Millie Webb received a standing ovation after she told the heart-wrenching story of the loss of her two young children. Ms. Webb thanked everyone for their tireless efforts in keeping DUI offenders off the roads.

The consensus among participants was that DUI is an issue that cannot be ignored. "I've been getting ideas from other departments that we may implement," said Major Bryan Wauke, Honolulu Police Department. Wauke said he was especially interested in the school presentations offered by the Buffalo Grove, Illinois and Naperville, Illinois police departments.

NUCPS would like to extend a special thanks to the Century Council for its sponsorship. Because of the success of the initial conference, NUCPS plans to again host a DUI Conference.

Symposium Schedule and Speakers

Name Title
Opening Address
Alexander Weiss, Ph.D. Director, Northwestern University Center for Public Safety
Keynote Address
Jeffrey Michael Ed.D. Director, Impaired Driving and Occupant Protection Division, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Special Speaker
Susan Molinari Chairman, Century Council
Law Enforcement Perspectives
Chief Ronal W. Serpas Washington State Patrol
Lieutenant Thomas Kuroski Traffic Safety & Training Unit, Chicago Police Department, Illinois
Sergeant Steve Husak Buffalo Grove Police Department, Illinois
Kenneth Morckel Director, Ohio Department of Public Safety
Inspector John A. Sassano Commanding Officer, Highway Division, New York Police Department
Sergeant James Bedell Naperville Police Department, Illinois
Enforcement Technology
Thomas E. Page Drug Recognition Consultant, Los Angeles Police Department (Retired)
John V. Moulden President, National Commission Against Drunk Driving
Ignition Interlock Devices
Jane Valenzia Research Associate, Driver Safety Research - Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
Roy E. Lucke Director, Research & Development, Northwestern University Center for Public Safety
Public Policy Perspectives
William P. Georges Senior Vice President for Programs, Century Council
Millie I. Webb Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
Stephen Wallace Chairman & CEO, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
Legal Issues
James H. Hedlund Ph.D. Associate Administrator Traffic Safety Programs, NHTSA (Retired)
Michelle M. Fields General Counsel, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Honorable Jeff Ford Sixth Judicial Circuit, Urbana, Illinois
Paul Logli State Attorney, Winnebago County, Illinois
Edward M. Maloney Ahern, Maloney and Moran, Skokie, Illinois
Sobriety Checkpoints
Lieutenant Robert Brown Tennessee Highway Patrol
Chief Michael N. Geraci Schenectady Police Department, New York
Chronic Offenders / Youth & Alcohol
Robert B. Voas, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist, Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation