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The concept of scientific crash investigation has been a part of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety since its inception in 1936. We literally "wrote the book" on crash investigation and reconstruction, and we continue to be world leaders in providing training in these areas. We offer the most comprehensive program of its kind, with courses beginning at basic crash investigation and culminating in various advanced crash reconstruction courses.


In addition to currently scheduled Crash Investigation courses, NUCPS can offer any course on-site at the location of your choice. If you are interested in hosting an NUCPS course, please contact us by email at or by phone at 800-323-4011.

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Books and Products

NUCPS's textbooks set the standard for crash investigators, attorneys, engineers and insurance adjusters around the world. Traffic Collision Investigation is the 10th edition of the volume initially written by renowned engineer and traffic safety researcher J. Stannard Baker and continued by many faculty members who have taught at NUCPS. Its companion, Traffic Crash Reconstruction, updated and expanded in 2010, uses real-world crash cases and mathematical formulas to help interpret how a crash occurred.  

We also carry a variety of traffic templates and traffic crash report forms.

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