NUCPS Executive Leadership Award

The Northwestern University Center for Public Safety Executive Leadership Award is awarded to students who successfully complete the following three NUCPS management courses*:

This important credential has been established to recognize individual development and organizational commitment to delivering the best, most professional service to the community.

To qualify, potential recipients must first be nominated by their organization and recommended as a professional in good standing by their chief or local government executive.

Once potential recipients have completed the three NUCPS management listed above, the potential recipient should ask his/her agency to send a letter of nomination to NUCPS. This letter should be accompanied by a copy of the student's certificate for each program successfully completed. The letter must indicate dates, location and course numbers of the SPP, SPSC/PATP and EMP from which the candidate graduated. NUCPS will review the information and advise the potential recipient and organization when and where the award will be presented, should the potential recipient be chosen to receive the award.

For additional information regarding the NUCPS Executive Leadership Award, please call 800-323-4011 or email

For a list of upcoming management courses, please click here.

*Please note that participation in the Senior Management Leadership Program (SMLP) does not count towards the earning of the NUCPS Executive Leadership Award.