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Traffic Crash Investigation, 11th Edition - Hardcover

NUCPS is pleased to announce the fall 2014 release of Traffic Crash Investigation, 11th Edition by J. Stannard Baker, Lynn B. Fricke and other contributing crash investigation experts.

Traffic Crash Investigation, 11th Edition is a comprehensive collection of the most important techniques and definitions essential for developing an accurate picture of motor vehicle crashes. Crash investigators who practice these techniques provide information that ultimately saves lives and reduces monetary losses.

Considered the definitive standard by attorneys, prosecutors and judges, law enforcement officers, engineers and other safety groups, the latest edition is a major update of the text.

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What's New?
  • Photographs and drawings now in full-color
  • New chapter on electronic measuring devices
  • Full chapter on investigating hit and run incidents
J. Stannard Baker's approach to traffic crash investigation which he developed here at NUCPS more than 70 years ago is the foundation of our books and we're thrilled to be able to offer our students and professional crash investigators a resource that honors that foundation while also addressing 21st century technology and practices.

Textbook Topics

  • Preparation for Traffic Crash Investigation

  • Information From and About People

  • Information from Vehicles

  • Information from Roads

  • Measuring at the Scene

  • Measuring the Road for After Crash Situation Maps

  • Drawing after Crash Situation Maps

  • Crash Scene and Vehicle Damage Photography
  • Photogrammetry for Traffic Crash Analysis

  • Understanding Vehicle Behavior in a Crash

  • Electronic Crash Scene Measurements and After Crash Situation Maps Using Computers

  • Lamp Examination for On or Off
  • Tire Examination

  • Investigation of Hit and Run Crashes
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